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Video Perimeter Security  Systems

Digital-Generation Interactive Remote Surveillance

BEI Security's IRS subsidiary specializes in providing active video monitoring security services for businesses and commercial customers nationwide. One of the main features IRS offers is the exceptional ability to produce “real-time” video of perimeter intrusion attempts. The system automatically notifies the IRS staff of off-duty police officers, relaying the specific locations, items of interest, or suspicious activity on customer sites. The officers can review the site video and audio with extreme accuracy, and can also dispatch and provide real time assistance to responding local law enforcement. All intrusion attempts are recorded for review and prosecution.  Do not hesitate and call for more information! (281) 340-2100 (Be sure to say that you heard about IRS online!)


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BEI Security utilizes "digital-generation" communication technologies, coupled with a staff of Intervention Specialists experienced in handling virtually any situation.  This powerful combination provides unmatched accuracy and credibility over millions of alarm notifications, using the world's premier remote alarm monitoring and management services.

BEI solutions represent the best in state-of-the-art digital technology, utilizing high speed Internet connectivity and wireless communications.  This technology, in combination with Internet enabled video, audio, and proprietary technologies, brings critically important assets into play when an intrusion alarm, panic call, or emergency occurs.  BEI Security is the industry leader for real-time, bi-directional, interactive remote alarm monitoring and the management of closed circuit video, audio and access control systems for security applications.

Video Perimeter Security  Systems

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