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General Description

BEI’s NVR includes a state-of-the-art PC-based integrated System Command Center (SCC) that utilizes the finest communication hardware and sophisticated software to provide our customers with immediate and reliable data relating to any intrusion attempt.

The NVR functions through an advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can integrate and manage all of a facility's security technologies through a single console.

Graphical User Interface

The database driven GUI allows users to choose from a range of services, setups and operating options to customize the system to suit any facility.

Each facility's perimeter protected using video and audio verification, and/or access control systems, is monitored with large, color, high-resolution displays.  The large monitors are capable of multi-screen configurations to display perimeter layouts that indicate zone location, date and time for any and all specific intrusion attempts.

The unique surveillance and identification features available with the system enable it to immediately highlight the intruded zone on a site map while displaying the intruder’s picture in a separate window.  All events are recorded in the database for debriefing and investigation.

CCTV integration includes real-time location video/audio confirmation and Video Analytics via a SCC controlled CCTV camera.  The GUI provides the image and freeze-frame of the alarmed zone and logs all related video captures.

Integrated Technology + Increased Detection = Greater Security

  • BEI systems are vendor independent and can be integrated with any new or existing sensor, Video Analytics, access and/or alarm systems.
  • The SCC has built-in capabilities for integrating intrusion detection and surveillance technologies.
  • Access Control Integration, including biometrics. The SCC has dynamic access control. Maps display open doors and a Log Table shows color-coded data on the cardholders passing through the doors.
  • CCTV Integration is event driven with multiplexing and switching for up to 4,096 cameras, records and logs.  CCTV Integration displays the image and freeze-frame of the alarmed zone and logs all related video captures.
  • Alarm Panel Integration (including safety systems)
  • Audio Integration
  • Built-in Digital Video Recording (DVR), audio and video.
  • Video Motion Detection
  • Remote Site Management allows the SCC to be networked on an existing ethernet LAN/WAN to provide redundant and backup command center locations.

For more information see Our NVR in the downloads section

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