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Monitoring Services

CommandCenter-004Surveillance Services

BEI Security's Interactive Remote Surveillance (IRS)  Command Center is staffed with off-duty and/or retired law enforcement officers.  This staff has the experience to support virtually any emergency more effectively than on-site physical guards.

IRS receives real-time two-way audio and video communication from your business.  With multiple cameras, microphones, Video Analytics and sensors, our Intervention Specialists can be in multiple places at once.  In the event of a security situation, our Intervention Specialists call local authorities, provide verification, and guide local police directly to the problem area at your location.  Our experienced staff also possess the credibility to get the appropriate response from law enforcement and emergency agencies.

We can control interior/exterior lighting, air conditioning, gates, magnetic door locks, or virtually any remote controlled device.

Our trained professionals are "virtually" on the scene within seconds of an alarm.  Only after "visual verification" that there is an intruder present and that the intruder is intent on theft or destruction do the monitoring experts notify local law enforcement agencies.  If the intruder appears to be a friendly citizen who just happened onto the site to "window shop", an officer can actually speak with the person, advise them in a courteous yet authoritative manner, that business hours are over, and request that they please leave the premises.

For more information see "White Paper Interactive Remote Surveillance" in the download section.