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Advantages for your Business

As a security and risk management service:

  • We can cut your security cost in half.
  • We can protect your entire inventory.
  • We get a faster response from police departments.
  • We can eliminate costly false alarm fees, and trips to your location in the middle of the night.
  • We can reduce vandalism and loss of property at your location.
  • We can provide the peace of mind of knowing that trained police officers are looking after your investments.
  • Our two-way audio is proven to have deterred more crime than having a single  guard on a property.
  • We know one benefit of remote monitoring is that the fear of not knowing where the officer is located is a major factor in deterring crime.
  • Using IRS means you can save up to twenty percent on your insurance!

As a management tool during business hours:

  • Managers can view all site traffic, including watching potential customers arriving to allow the immediate assigning of proper representatives to assist them.
  • Service area monitoring can be setup up to alert managers as customer vehicles drive in.  This will prpovide faster customer service, while keeping the service process running smoothly.
  • Our Intervention Specialists can assist in after hour sales by instructing browsing customers to leave their contact information in a designated box located on your property.
  • Your company will portray a safe shopping and working environment.


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