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Become a Dealer

The BEI Security Dealer network is designed to build a network of business partners to help us expand live video monitoring, while providing our dealers with additional revenue streams.  As an authorized IRS Monitoring dealer, you will have the opportunity to sell our live video monitoring services.  The Dealer network is open to installers of security cameras, network security integrators and other value-added providers of security solutions.  We offer our partners an exciting recurring revenue sharing opportunity.  Dealers will also receive preferred status on any required installation work that is requested of IRS Monitoring directly.  Additional benefits can include sales leads, design and consulting services, and the option to purchase equipment from BEI Security to improve our collective purchasing power.

Dealer Network Program requirements:

1. Be a licensed security dealer.
2. Utilize hardware compatible with our monitoring software.
3. Attend our training sessions on selling equipment and system design.
4. Generate one monitoring client.

Note: We work with you to establish platform compatibility

Choose from Two LevelS of Dealers:

Regular Dealer - Sign up one monitoring client

Gold Dealer - Generate at least $1,000/mo for BEI Interactive Remote Surveillance in surveillance revenue.

Gold Dealers receive full sales and support services:

  • Enhance your competitive edge and value to your customers.
  • Leverage new technologies and integrate with old.
  • Share in a recurring revenue model.
  • Benefit from new business leads and sales leads generated by IRS.
  • Utilize formal training program and technical support.
  • Realize greater purchasing power.
  • Receive sales support, design and consulting services.
  • Obtain IT support, with attractive equipment pricing.
  • Experience training and continued education on best sales practices and latest technologies.
  • Marketing materials provided.
  • Explore possible platform expansion depending on volume of customers interested.
  • Receive recommended equipment ideas/applications.


Dealer Network
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